How we work

Specialising in the design build of Lightweight Engineered Architectural Features, the (LEAF) Structures team offers in-house engineering, detailing, project management and installation.

We believe in having a clear understanding of the specialty feature requirements, which enables us to add value by providing initial design input and various options, while keeping to the intent of the specialty feature. We take into consideration the desired structural and cladding materials, thermal requirements and constructability of the projects we work on and how these can affect the budget of the specialty feature. Due to our licensing agreement with Novum Structures LLC, we can use various Novum products, including nodal systems which can ease site installation of complex structures.

A Typical Design Process

Step 1: Initial design concept developed by the architect

MOA Artist Impresssion
Renderings and concept by MDS Architecture
Initial concept sketch by MDS Architecture

Step 2: Preconstruction and design development in collaboration with the architect

Geometry development

Step 3: Detailed engineering, drawings and material fabrication


Step 4: Installation of free form structure and ETFE cladding

Leaf Installation
Leaf Installation

Valued Partners

With an exclusive licensing agreement between LEAF and Novum, we are able offer clients a full range of Novum systems.
These systems have been uniquely developed to offer speciality engineering solutions to the construction industry.

Novum Systems