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Benmore Centre, with its roots deeply embedded in the Sandton CBD since its original construction in 1964, is situated in the heart of Sandton on a prominent corner of Grayston Drive.

It has always exemplified a first rate and easy shopping experience. As a result of its symbolism and significance to the surrounding environment it has always been a landmark in the area. Owners, Redefine Properties recently undertook a major redevelopment of the centre.

With over 21,000m2 of GLA, the new contemporary design created a cosmopolitan atmosphere aimed at  ttracting an array of shoppers. This was achieved by developing an iconic language that boasted an assortment of cladding materials intricately juxtaposed in order to create a sense of diversity and expand curiosity. The combination of Rheinzink, glazing and vibrant orange and yellow panels at the entrances signaled the beginning of the quintessential story that unfolded at Benmore Centre.

The addition of the new Woolworths store facing outwards onto the corner of Grayston Drive and West Street showcases an intricate feat of engineering and design. This gives the impression that the building is floating seamlessly above a sequence of curtain wall panels. These panels are elegantly illuminated at night with the intention of highlighting the building’s significance. The enormous purpose made steel members and girders were designed to enable the structure to span these large areas without support. The engineering structures were mostly determined by both the architectural and existing structural constraints of the old building. These constraints, compounded with the challenges of working in a live environment made the project exceptionally challenging.